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Artscape News: By Karen Whaley:  “Artscape Award Recipient Julie Gladstone Wins Big”

   Sept. 30th, 2014

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   curated by Jean Young August - October 2014

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Notable.ca by Erin Davis:  Artist Profile of Julie Gladstone and Review of

“The Sky is Falling”, November, 2013

(Julie) explores the line between beauty and destruction and our fascination with disaster and apocalyptic fantasy. With an infusion of eye-popping colour, including a somehow-soothing neon, Gladstone’s chosen forms include clouds, raindrops and waves; a deconstruction into abstractions as objects are reduced to their essence.

Toronto Star: Art at 26: Two Toronto Artists help to make art around the Hearth,

November 2013

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View on Canadian Art, By Andrea Carson:“In The Studio with Julie Gladstone”

I immediately liked the unconventional colour in her work, lots of pale minty colours jolted alive with fluorescent spray paint and then brought together with strips of striped black and white. They look a bit like maps, and a bit like quilts.

May 2012 Plaid Magazine: Walnut Contemporary & Metaphysical Cartography

An interesting take on dissecting the urban landscape, Gladstone is inspired by what she sees during bike trips throughout the city and combines these landscapes to look like living, breathing, cartographic entities. Her vivid use of colour and layers of mixed media, and organic use of line and form create what MacDonald calls a “construction site through a kaleidoscope.” 

November 2012  In Conversation with Canadian Art, By Trish Boon:

Julie Prepares for the Artist Project

Like her earlier work, she remains concerned with topography, but has been focusing on the idea of maps as allegorical representations of life. With no routes planned out, Gladstone explains that maps are no more than labyrinthine projections of possibilities. Her current mammoth works seem to serve as Gladstone’s projection of not only random physical topographies, but also mazes of life’s moral challenges within one’s own spiritual quest.  Gladstone has been pushing the boundaries of her creativity by creating massive paintings (ie. 7’+). It’s not surprising to see a personality such as Gladstone’s working on such a formidable scale. Her explanations behind her abstract concepts reflect the constantly wandering mind of a philosopher.

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View on Canadian Art, By Andrea Carson:” A Visit to Walnut Street Studios” December 2012

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Provocative Penguin: “Let the Paint Fly”September 2012


Trish Boon: In Conversation with Canadian Contemporary Art                          “Featuring Julie Gladstone” June 22nd,

“For Gladstone it seems as though the very act of painting is mimicry of the cycle of change in the urban environment. What started as an exploration of decay has become more about becoming.

Imagine the painter engaged in the supernal chronicling of the ever-evolving assimilation and reincarnation of copious random visual stimulus around her”

Artists Business Digest. Arts and Upstarts, By  Morena Media:                               “Profile of Julie Gladstone”

The Toronto Star. Entertainment Section “Brush with Greatness.” October 10th, 2010